Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

 Expert Advice Direct From The Pros

We at Austin Party Ride facilitate the transportation for a large number of weddings throughout Texas. A lot of bride and grooms actually come to us for advice on their wedding and up until now, we have been responding as best we can. The purpose of this article was to get some advice directly from the pros themselves.

We asked the best of the best wedding planners in all of Austin to give some exclusive advice for brides and grooms regarding their wedding. The answers we received are invaluable for anyone planning or a wedding. See what advice they had to share!


“What should a bride and groom consider when hiring a wedding planner for your big day?”

“Make sure your personalities click and that you can trust them to make decisions for you. There are too many game day decisions that we have to make on behalf of our client, we can’t go running to them every 5 minutes with questions, so hire someone you jive with and that you can trust make those decisions for you!

I believe you AND your family should enjoy your big day.  Don’t make your friends and family work on your wedding day so hire the professionals that can help you!  When meeting with planners make sure your personalities jive well together.  This is someone you need to have confidence in and trust to be your advocate on the wedding day.  There are many day of decisions they will make for you and it is key to be able to feel confident in your planner to make those decisions without running to you every 2 minutes.”

Becky Navarro
Pearl Events Austin

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“The biggest reason someone needs a planner for their wedding is that we are experts! Hopefully this is your first time getting married, but we plan weddings everyday!  We know what/who to recommend to you, we have relationships with vendors that translates to savings for you and we can advise on what pitfalls to avoid, not to mention design beautiful unique weddings for you!  Pricing for planners is based on experience, so more seasoned veterans are typically more expensive than the new planners to the scene.  And you get what you pay for!  Make sure your planner has the expertise that fits your needs!”  

Johnell Huebner
Clearly Classy Events

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“When hiring a wedding planner the couple should consider the planners personality. This city has a wide array of wonderful wedding planners and each brings their own spice to the mix. You have lots of options- Bubbly Brandy, Straight-forward Susie, Chatty Cathy and the list goes on…. These character traits can all be great for the right bride. 

Interview a few planners before making a final decision. Even ask them about what they like to do in their spare time. Try to get to know them a bit. Wedding planners are people too! 

You will likely be working with this person for several months, so you want to select someone who you can communicate well with. This person will become your biggest ally during the process of planning your wedding.” 

Jessica Upton
Uptown Events


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“When hiring a planner for your wedding day the number one thing to consider is do you like him or her?  Is the planner someone you can work with for the next 6-12 months or that you want by your side on your wedding day?  It doesn’t matter how much experience a planner has or how highly recommended they are if you don’t like him or her. Your planner is someone you will be working very closely with and you need to be able to trust he or she can do the job. But once you find one you like, be sure to do your due diligence – check reviews, ask your venue and any other professionals you have already contracted to see if they have any experience working with them.”

Suzanne Louzau
Carefree Weddings

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“You should consider your level of comfort when meeting with your prospective wedding planner.  Do you feel comfortable, at ease, feel like she’s going to take care of you and do what’s best for you on your wedding day?  If you do then don’t think about price because less expensive doesn’t always mean you are getting a deal-you are just getting less expensive.  As with all of your vendors, you should feel comfortable with them, have a great rapport and trust them to do the job you are hiring them to do.”

Donna Aleman
Ame Soeur Events

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