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Austin Wedding Florist Advice; Tips From The Pros

"What are some of the more common mistakes that many couples don’t account for when planning for the flowers at their wedding?"

Jordan Flowers & Events

I have a had quite a few clients in the past who do not make the proper arrangements for their flowers and centerpieces after their event. Which is unfortunate knowing all of the time, money, and planning that went into every gorgeous customized arrangement and they are thrown out. Another misconception is that the flowers are their's after the event and they are able to take them home or have their guest's take them.  

-Jordan Flowers & Events

When thinking through wedding florals,  an engaged couple should identify what they really want regarding style and floral items rather than traditions set before them. Flowers can set the stage for the unique event everyone wants, so taking the time to define a style that is desired and falls within budget. A florist can always give insight on styles, specific flowers or how to incorporate flowers into the ceremony and reception.

-Mountain Laurel Floral

Mountain Laurel Floral
Whim Hospitality

Couple’s biggest mistake is not budgeting accurately for flowers, they just tend to cost more than most people realize. If florals are one of the most important parts of your day (which we believe they are) then your budget should allow for it!  In addition, couples have the misconception that “filling” blank areas with heavy greenery instead of traditional flowers will be cost saving, in reality that is not always the case, greenery can be expensive. The most important thing for couples to remember is that they should choose flowers that reflect their personality and vision for their wedding- florals can be a make or break in creating the perfect look for your big day.

-Whim Hospitality

The most common mistake made by couples (or thing they do not account for) when planning for flowers at their wedding is most definitely choosing flower varieties that are not in season at the time of their wedding. Most people do not account for the fact flowers bloom only in certain seasons and not all varieties are available all times of the year.

-David Kurio Designs

David Kurio Designs
MAS Floral

MAS Floral is a family owned florist in Kingsland, Texas specializing in custom high end floral bouquets and arrangements. Our floral designers enjoy providing our customers first class service…” flowers and such with a personal touch”! When planning your wedding arrangements for both your ceremony and reception, we recommend thinking about the types of flowers that are normally seen around the season when you’re getting married. There’s no rule that says you can only use flowers if they’re in season, but out-of-season flowers may be difficult to find and will generally mean a higher price than in-season blooms. In Central Texas we also need to consider the weather if the ceremony and/or reception are outdoors. Will these flowers hold up in the summer heat of July? These are questions our professional and creative floral designers at MAS Floral can assist you with!

-MAS Floral

1. DIY Excitement

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of putting your heart, soul and personality into your wedding day and wanting to create it all yourself, but there are areas where your time and energy are best spent, and creating your own bridal bouquet is not one of t hem.  There is an art and skill to creating a bridal bouquet, so if your budget allows for only one floral element, we encourage you to have your bridal bouquet professionally made. 

2. We’re only at the altar for a short while.

Second on the list of floral priorities is a beautiful floral display at the altar. Even though you, as the bride are only at the altar for a short while, your guests are there, waiting and watching for quite a while. Let them know how important this day and their attendance is to you. Prepare this special place with the image and fragrance befitting your wedding day, that which only fresh flowers can provide.  Your thoughtfulness, the beautiful sights and fragrance (not to mention the photographs) will last a lifetime.

3. Misunderstanding the use of seasonal flowers.  

It seems every article you read about wedding flowers says, ‘to save money, use seasonal flowers’.  The translation for that is, “let your florist shop for your flowers from what the market is offering at wedding time.” Of course, we can guide you to tell you that peonies are usually not possible in October, but there’s more to it.  It is much like preparing your menu for a special dinner party. If you arrive at your market to find a great sale on rhubarb and lamb chops, then you can create a beautiful menu around that, and perhaps you have mint growing in your garden that will make a great mojito, so you include a mojito in your drink choice.  It is the same for florists.  A grower may have an abundance of a certain crop which brings prices down, or she may be able to source from her own garden any number of pretties, but she can’t promise what they will be a year before your wedding. Choosing seasonal flowers means, tell your florist, “I love this color, this style,” and let her use her resourcefulness and creativity to make something pretty, just for you.  That’s the way to shop seasonally and you will benefit from her creativity!

-Brenda Abbott Floral Design

Brenda Abbott Floral Design
Wild Bunches Floral

One thing I notice about brides that I meet with is they usually have not talked to family members (especially mothers and grandmothers) about their floral wishes.  Traditionally, florists will do some sort of corsage for the female members of the bride and grooms families.  We can do pin-on or wrist corsages, or even small bouquets to carry.  Most brides do not know what their family members would prefer to wear or carry the day of, so asking them before meeting with a florist is always helpful to get an accurate quote! 

-Wild Bunches